The GMC Mountainaires, a group dedicated to keeping our classic motorhomes on the road, are GMC owners primarily from the Rocky Mountain area, or within 500 miles of Denver.

The Mountainaires is a chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association, to which all members belong.

We participate in gatherings, called rallies, several times a year, beginning in the spring and ending in the fall with “coachless” rallies.

Read More about our events including how to enjoy one of them before joining. We’d love to tell you all about the fun we have!

New Events Posted 11/20/2016

A key feature of the Mountainaires is the support embers provide to each other in sharing expertise in maintaining, upgrading and traveling in our 1973 – 1978 coaches.

Our meetings are full of informal tech sessions, teaching and learning about the many systems that make up the only collectible classic motorhome.

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 Click here to to to “” learn the history of the GMC Motorhome.

This piece of vintage advertising from GMC – the VacationLand coloring book is fun to share!

Officers and Representatives

Running an organization like the Mountainaires is fun and rewarding. We are grateful for our officers and the work they do.

  • President – Jim Dodrill
  • Vice President – Bruce Hart
  • Treasurer – Ann Molzer
  • Secretary – Julie Dodrill
  • Wagonmasters -Sharon and Dick Smith
  • FMCA Chapter Representative – Steve and Vicki Parmley
  • Alt FMCA Chapter Representative – Don and Elaine Leslie
  • GMCMI Representative – Marilyn Peltzer
  • Newsletter Editor – Marilyn Peltzer

The Parrish Ranch Wildlife Experience

We had an adventurous weekend west of Berthoud.  Besides beautiful weather, good food and great camaraderie, we enjoyed visits from wildlife of many kinds. Our resident dogs are always a treat, even if cleaning up after them is not.

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Everyone loves dogs; this visitor would love a dog!

This kitty is at least six feet from tip to tail!

This kitty is at least six feet from tip to tail!

We were entertained by a pair of young deer learning to scale the steep bank on the other side of the Little Thompson River.  We were also aware of a large rattlesnake and a bull snake nearby. They were never close, but we kept an eagle eye out for them.

We had several fantastic meals (thank you Julie). A potential member stopped by for a tour to see the variety of coaches and modifications. We hope he finds one to purchase soon.

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Saturday’s highlight was a lesson by Bruce; he taught everyone how to disassemble the power steering head.  He also demonstrated how important it is to keep track of all those little bits as you are working!