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  1. Parrish Ranch Rally 2016
    The Parrish Ranch rally June 2-5, 2016, hosted by Jim and Julie Dodrill and Bruce and Kathy Hart, included 12 coaches, all were GMCs, and 3 members drove in for the day. Carl Malone attended on Saturday as a guest, he is considering the purchase of a GMC motorhome.
    Over the weekend, we had 30 adults enjoy a great rally. Parrish Ranch RV offers a beautiful location in the shade of the tall cottonwood trees and the flexibility to use the ranch house in the event of inclement weather.
    Bill and Bobbie Bramlett arranged to bring Jim and Olie Anstett with their GMC coach to the rally. We were pleased to have the Neals and Leslies join us for our Friday evening pot luck dinner. On Sunday, Emery and Michelle Stora joined us for the morning.
    Saturday morning we enjoyed having the coaches open to see how different they all look inside with updates and all the various floor plans. Bruce Hart gave an excellent tech session Saturday covering the GMC motorhome steering gear.
    The ladies spent some time discussing microwave/convection cooking.
    Larry and Susan Coldren provided the refreshments for our Saturday evening enjoyment; we thank them for their time and generosity.
    Entertainment was the local wildlife, including a large bull snake, a large rattlesnake, with the regular deer and turkeys. The stars of Sunday morning were a bobcat and a mountain lion, which we watched off and on for about an hour. It was hunting on the hill across the road, pouncing and leaping straight up in the air, and resting on the rocks. Great fun for those watching.
    We will schedule a rally at Parrish Ranch in June 2017. Information will be published in the news notes and GMC-Mountainaires web site.

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